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Assorted Bugs in Ultimate Combat


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      Im not quite sure if this is the area to post possible bugs as this is my first time posting. Please let me know if there is another place to bring this to light. Thank You

      Sources i had loaded for my attempts vary because i tried this several times.
      Pathfinder - Core Rulebook (i tried the regular and rpg for game masters)
      Pathfinder - Advanced Players Guide
      Pathfinder - Ultimate Combat
      Pathfinder - Ultimate Magic (i tried with and without WoP subsystem)

      I also tried with and without the following sources.
      Pathfinder - Bestiary
      Pathfinder - Bestiary 2
      Pathfinder - Bonus Bestiary

      • The Ki Pool Rogue Talent
        The only problem i had with Ki Pool was that it simply would not show up on any generated character sheets. It will only show up on the Statblocks and the Troubleshooting.htm
      • The Familiar Rogue Talent
        Reaching level 10 Rogue allowed the selection of the Familiar advance talent as it should, however it was selectable even if you didn't have the required Minor and Major Magic rogue talents. Once the talent was selected(with and without the magic prerequisites) no familiar was actually granted. There was no update to the summary, companion tab, or any of the areas in the feats and Abilities tab.
      • The Cavalier Gendarme Archetype
        This archetype at level 1 is susposed to allow for a choice of feat from a specific list but no such list appears anywhere on the Feats and Abilities tab.

      These are the only things i have run into so far and i must say this program is wonderful and i'd like to thank everyone who has worked on it. I hope these come in handy and once again if i should post this somewhere else please let me know.



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