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[Game Room Creations]The Modern Path


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      Welcome to the Modern Path - Heroes of the Modern World "2.0 Edition"

      What is the thing that sets the modern genre of roleplaying games apart from all others? Is it the technology? Perhaps it is the culture?'s the guns, right? Well, maybe it is all of those aspects, but perhaps that certain something is more intangible. Perhaps it is the personal knowledge and frame of reference that each of us, as players, bring to the game. We did not want to reinvent the wheel; we just wanted to make it roll smoother on the modern highway (maybe with some low-pro bling 22's). The rules system in the Modern Path RPG is, what we feel, an evolutionary step forward for a system that has already proven to be excellent in another genre. What we have focused on is making a system that is versatile, as is fitting for the modern times.

      Welcome to the new Modern Path 2.0 rules. We believe this is a major improvement of the previous rules. This is a free updated download for those who previously purchase the original rules. We also have a Hero Lab dataset updated to the new rules and it is now an automatic update within Hero Lab, all 100% OGL.


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