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Add REMOVE:ABILITY Tag (global)


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      Sourceforge ID: 2038187
      New Summary: Add REMOVE:ABILITY Tag (global)
      Component: LST Token
      Example: See SF tracker, but REMOVE:ABILITY|x|y,y|x should be REMOVE:ABILITY|z|y,y|x
      Request: remove CHOICE from the proposal (not sure what that was meant to be - is the intent %LIST??)

      This request is for a REMOVE:ABILITY tag with the same function and REMOVE:FEAT but for abilities.

      Tag Name: REMOVE:ABILITY|x|y,y|x

      Variables Used : Text (ability category)

      Variables Used : Text (Name of ability)

      Variables Used : TYPE.Text (Name of ability type)

      Variables Used : CLASS.Text (Name of a class)

      Variables Used : CHOICE (Presents a chooser dialog box)

      Variables Used (z): Number (Number of abilities to remove, Optional)

      Variables Used (z): ALL (Removes all indicated abilities without prompting)

      What it does:

      • Provides options for removing hidden and standard abilities, but not those applied with an ABILITY tag with the Nature property set to VIRTUAL or AUTOMATIC.
      • The (z) variable is optional. If not present the tag simply removes whatever abilities are specified in variable .



      Removes the Alertness feat, no choice is presented, the feat is simply removed.


      Presents a list of abilities from the Fighter pool and allows the removal of up to 3.

      REMOVE:ABILITY|Special Ability|CHOICE|2

      Presents a list of all Special Abilities the character has and allows the removal of 2 of them. If a feat has a cost associated with it, it returns that cost to the ability pool.

      REMOVE:ABILITY|Special Ability|CLASS.Paladin|ALL

      Removes all abilities that have been granted/taken by the Paladin Class.

      Where it can be used:

      Works in Ability, Class and Template files.

      Eddy Anthony ( eddyanthony ) - 2008-08-04 20:20:12 EDT


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