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New features for Pathfinder not reflected in Output Sheets


    Updated: barbarian variables changed a bit for pathfinder, so I updated the variables queried.

    Afflictions (simple block)
    Animal Traits (simple block)
    Archetypes (simple block, longer of DESC or BENEFIT).
    Temporary Bonuses Applied is a new block just listing the temp bonuses from the inventory tab. I am surprised no one has put this into the other pages before.
    The comprehensive skills list tries to break down where the numbers come from, but there are OTHER and SKILLNAME values that don't add up. Stealth is the worst offender. So, the new info gives more details, but also some undecipherable info as well.
    Weapons Ammo: Now arrows stowed anywhere show in the table, and the user doesn't have to load a single arrow into the bow "container". Same for xbows, slings and blowgun darts.
    Weapon Energy: I was able to parse and list just the energy damage done by weapons or weapons and ammo combined. On the next update, I plan to have the damage die rolls be "D: 24 + 2 fire + 3 shock" but there was little time left before the next release packaging this weekend.
    Barding: I am filtering on RACETYPE = Animal, Companion, Beast, Construct, Dragon, Magical Beast, Outsider, or Shapechanger to show barding that is equipped. That way animal companions and mounts are pretty easily covered, but the user who has a dragon rider shouldn't feel left out.
    Feats: I now toggle between the DESC, BENEFIT, and list displays.
    Encumberance: It is color coded and shows twice so people shouldn't miss it.

    Items left todo:
    Many of the followers seem to only print the first. So, with rangers having multiple animal companions now, I need to switch to a for loop there.
    Energy damage into the die rolls.

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        Mike Elliott
        logged work - 15/Dec/10 12:26 PM
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          14154 csheet_fantasy_statblock5.htm: added Afflictions, Archtypes, Temp Bonuses Applied. Changed AC from armor to use first equipped of SUIT, SHIRT, and ITEM. Filtered barding to creature types of Animal, Companion, Beast, Magical Beast, Construct, Dragon, Shapechanger or Outsider.
          14155 Split Animal Tricks on csheet_fantasy_statblock5.htm out of Special Qualities and made it its own block.
          14156 Duplicate work from above to into preview/statblock5.htm.


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