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  • [DATA-581] - SEVERE main CDOMFactory:124 Unconstructed Reference: Race Rat (Dire)b
  • [DATA-582] - CAMPAIGNs SRD 3.0 and 3.5 for Players have a double blank space
  • [DATA-583] - [Pathfinder APG] Shapeshifter - Ability replaces Favored Terrain
  • [DATA-585] - [Pathfinder] Missing variable for natural spell for xxx Shaman archetypes
  • [DATA-588] - Unlike domains, subdomains can be selected regardless of alignment (APG)
  • [DATA-590] - Sorcerer Bloodline Spell count affecting known spells
  • [DATA-591] - Summoner, cannot select Summoner's Call feat from APG
  • [DATA-593] - Rogue; Sneak Attack; Rogue losing sneak attack dice count when going from level 2 to level 3
  • [DATA-595] - PF mode: Dwarf with a waraxe in two hands doesn't increase damage
  • [DATA-596] - Can not use basic source screen to load SRD/RSRD for players
  • [DATA-598] - [Pathfinder] [Race] [Vision] needs reworking to support archetype swapping and use for prerequisites

New Feature

  • [DATA-291] - Inconsistent number of ammo bows/crossbows can contain
  • [DATA-377] - [RSRD Supplements] Create abilities for class file SAB tags
  • [DATA-380] - [RSRD Supplements] Convert hidden feats into ability objects
  • [DATA-383] - [RSRD Supplements] Convert ADD:FEAT usage to ABILITYPOOL
  • [DATA-535] - OGC Quiver should hold javelins too
  • [DATA-571] - Pathfinder Races - Add Sub-types

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