Release Notes - Output Sheets - Version 5.17.17 - HTML format

New Feature

  • [OS-35] - Don't start new page for each class spell list
  • [OS-114] - Output Sheets can display XP Penalties
  • [OS-124] - Create a \\\"Temporary Bonus\\\" block
  • [OS-167] - Implement new Portrait Thumb view for Preview and OS files
  • [OS-174] - Set Up Ranged Weapons to have full range increments displayed on the character sheet.
  • [OS-176] - Disable 'consumable' tickbox for single item entries.
  • [OS-177] - Use full width for equipment description
  • [OS-179] - Update Barbarian Rage summary output
  • [OS-182] - Replace use of _Full.jpg portrait with new portrait and thumbnail
  • [OS-184] - New 'condensed' sheet is only available as 'standard', would like a 'simple' variant too
  • [OS-186] - Add temporary bonuses to pdf output sheets

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